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Product: P3 Mono Grip
Manufacturer: CTK Precision
Reviewed By: B.T. Davis
Date of Review: Dec 07


CTK Precisionís P3 Mono Grip Review


B.T. Davis

December 2007


CTK Precision, the Wisconsin-based manufacturer of shooting rests and aftermarket firearm parts, has provided one of their P3 Mono Grips for testing.  The P3 Mono Grip is a vertical forearm grip for tactical-type rifles which have 1913 Picatinny attachment points on their forearms.  What distinguishes CTKís P3 unit from the many different vertical grip designs in the marketplace these days is its spring loaded monopod which, with the twist of the off-hand wrist, extends out of the bottom of the grip and provides an expedient monopod to stabilize a rifle whether shooting from the prone position or across a bench.


Upon examining the P3 Mono Grip, I was immediately impressed with the unitís high quality materials and workmanship.  I was not surprised by this initial assessment of the grip as I have had previous experience with CTK products, having recently reviewed their excellent P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest.  The folks at CTK, in addition to being skilled machinists are also shooters so they know what it takes by way of design, materials and workmanship to produce a great product.

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The P3 Mono Grip is CNC machined from aluminum billet stock and has a dull black mil-spec anodized finish.  Circumferential grooves are milled into the body of the grip and provide the user a secure, non-slip surface to grasp.  The two sides of the grip have been milled flat so that the user can attach pressure switches for tactical lights, lasers and the like.  The grip is easily and quickly attached to a standard 1913 Picatinny rail via a hex head screw which, when tightened, bears on the rail like a set screw.  Once attached to the rail and tightened down, the P3 Mono Grip affords the user a rock solid means of controlling their rifle in dynamic, CQB-type operation.  The P3 attached to my rifle has not worked its way loose, or required re-tightening thus far.


The primary innovative feature of the P3 Mono Grip is itís spring-loaded monopod which can be extended downward out of the gripís barrel and which extends the length of the foregrip from 4 ĺĒ to 8Ē.  The bottom of the monopod protrudes below the barrel of the grip and has a replaceable rubber foot.  Just above the rubber foot on the monopod shaft is a knurled ring.  With the support hand the user twists the knurled ring 1/8 of a turn counterclockwise to extend the monopod.  Once extended to any point out to its full length, the user then twists the knurled ring 1/8 of a turn back clockwise to lock it into place.

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With a bit of practice one can effect these movements quickly and efficiently, thus getting their support hand back onto the vertical grip for control of the weapon.  When fully extended the monopod offers enough clearance to be used with 30 round magazines on AR-type rifles.  Quickly deploying the monopod and hitting the deck, prone, with a 30 rounder in the magazine well is no problem.  The stability and control provided by both the vertical foregrip and the monopod greatly increase the odds of getting your shots quickly and accurately into the targetís vital zones.  This in turn, helps the shooter build confidence not only in controlling his weapon and effectively manipulating its controls, but it also aids in improving marksmanship.  A win-win situation all the way around.


After putting the P3 Mono Grip through its paces on my trusty S&W M&P 15 carbine I would venture to say that CTKís P3 Mono Grip unit is one of the better ones out there in the marketplace.  In terms of materials, workmanship and design, it is a well made and a well thought out example of the breed.  The only thing that could possibly be construed as a negative is the P3 Mono Gripís $70.00 price point but, in my humble opinion, quality and functionality ainít cheap.  Sure, you can get a variety of vertical foregrips these days:  Fixed height or extension-types, cast metal or molded plastic.  Most will be in the $40-$50 range, but feature-for-feature they typically do not stack up well against the CTK unitís design, versatile features, or robust construction.  Case in point is that nearly all of the monopod versions that I could find are too short to accommodate the use of 30 round magazines with the support deployed.


If youíre in the market for a robust, well designed, extremely well made vertical foregrip/monopod for your tactical-type rifle, I would recommend that you give the CTK P3 Mono Grip a look.  You can see the P3 grip, along with all of the other CTK Precision products at www.ctkprecision.com.  Curt Knitt, the principal at CTK, can also be reached at (715) 754-2891 if you have questions or need additional information.

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